Her Name is Han

We found Han on a quiet block away from the neon light signage and crowd in Korean town. Away from limelights, in exchange for a little quiet and homey. Han give us a modern take of Korean home cooking. The long shape room is filled with shades of grey. Little wood table bouncing off fresnel lights. It is rustic, warm, and welcoming. No one yelling out “annyeinghaseyo”‘upon entering; no layers of smoke boasting from table top stove, or oily smell that smoke us into a walking Galbi; no one rushing our orders and hurrying our meal; it is laid back. It is homey. The one thing resemble of a typical Korean restaurant is the menu. The picture curated menu, like any other Korean restaurant, is extensive, covers everything from tapas, mains, pots, bbq, rice dishes and noodle.


no confusion here, you know exactly what you are ordering

Sowuju -grapefruit

Fire- grilled baby octopus with soy & apple-vinegar sauce

Seafood & hot pepper pancake (L); Bulgogi Hot pot: Bulgogi (center); Fire- grilled beef with onion and mesclun salad (R)

Country fried chicken with radish pickles


The grapefruit Sowuju is light and refreshing. I love the grilled baby octopus. My friends were a little turned- away by the wholesome of the octopus. But i love it. The chewiness was just right, with its apple vinegar soy dressing on the of the charred edges, it was just lovely. The seafood and hot pepper pancake is one of the best I have had in New York, plenty of seafood in the mix. The hot pepper was still perfectly crisp and crunchy. The tabletop stove cook bulgogi hot pot taste more like a Japanese Sukiyaki. I’d say it was a little on the sweet side. So was the grilled beef, it leans towards the sweet side. But outstanding is the K.F.C aka Korean fried chicken, it is crispy on the outside, sweet , tender and juicy on inside. No excessive oil, and just right amount of spice. It is wonderful. A little weak on the dessert menu. But no one judge a Korean restaurant by the dessert. It is not like we still have room, but we ordered one anyway.

Petite green tea cheesecake


Her Name is Han | 17 E 31st ST. | Nov, 2017

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