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John Dory Oyster Bar

We fell in love with John Dory, not the fish, but the oysters, mainly happy hour. Original location closed back in August 2009; it only survived for nine months in Chelsea, then suddenly shuttered its door. Couple years later, April Bloomfield and gang tried the idea again in Ace Hotel in 2011. It has been […]

Pinch Chinese

When we heard there’s a restaurant opened by a Din Tai Fung veterans, the first thought was we must go. We missed that famous Xiao Long Bao, which could very well be call a Taiwanese National Treasure. If anyone have been to the real deal in Taiwan, it is an experience hard to forget or […]


KazuNori, the so call original temayaki (hand roll) bar in new York city, a spin off from the LA based, highly popular Sugarfish, which also landed in NYC last year. Now I have not been to Sugarfish. I have to admit that the pictures of Sugarfish on social media are not very appealing. It is amazing how a few pictures could change […]


Bessou means vacation home in Japanese. It is also a cozy hideaway restaurant in NoHo with charming white trimming french window underneath the little blue awning. It was a very quiet night. The freezing weather might have played a part to that. We sat all the way inside in the corner by the kitchen where […]