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Elizabeth Street Cafe (Austin)

Perhaps because of the weather, Texas has a huge Vietnamese population, Houston especially, way more than New York, even comparable to Los Angeles. During my previous visit to Houston, I had some very authentic Vietnamese dishes. Some of which the Vietnamese restaurants in New York don’t offer. Like Uchi, Elizabeth Street Cafe is highly praised […]

Lonesome Dove (Austin)-are you game?

People who are over 50 years old may remember a highly popular TV western miniseries called Lonesome Dove. The tales of two Texas Rangers and their adventures. The series was a great success, and won multiple Golden Globes and Emmys. My guess is Chef Tim Love is a huge fan, probably the reason why he […]

Austin -BBQ & natural wonders-

(a travel journal) Why go to Austin? Franklin barbecue of course. – That’s my short and simple answer. Of course there are other things to see, to eat, to do in Hill country. But to any foodies, it’s to check off one of our bucket list. So here we are in Austin- the capital of […]