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John Dory Oyster Bar

We fell in love with John Dory, not the fish, but the oysters, mainly happy hour. Original location closed back in August 2009; it only survived for nine months in Chelsea, then suddenly shuttered its door. Couple years later, April Bloomfield and gang tried the idea again in Ace Hotel in 2011. It has been […]

Lonesome Dove (Austin)-are you game?

People who are over 50 years old may remember a highly popular TV western miniseries called Lonesome Dove. The tales of two Texas Rangers and their adventures. The series was a great success, and won multiple Golden Globes and Emmys. My guess is Chef Tim Love is a huge fan, probably the reason why he […]


What exactly is California inspired cuisine?? We have no idea. California is so big; there are different cuisines in each city, different produce, and different local flavors. So which California is Upland referring to? Upland is a city in San Bernardino county in Southern California where Chef Justin Smille grew up. His 88 seats mid-town […]